Welcome to wonderland

Sometimes I wish someone could just give me a break. Every single person has their own views on how I live my life. The only thing I can hold onto at the end of the day if that I’m right. 

I need to move away and live somewhere else. 

Its so upsetting to have no friends actually care about you. 

Sometimes I really don’t understand how I was made to feel so much while some people feel nothing. 

I suffer because I feel too much. There is never a dull moment. One thing which continues to break my heart over and over. Is the loss of my dog Tess and then moving away from my other dog Jewelsy. I can’t even try to explain just how much these two animals have shaped my very existence. No matter what I had done that day they where always so happy to see. I ache inside from how much I miss them.

They taught me empathy in such away that no human ever could. I learnt compassion from them. Mostly I learnt that there is no barrier between us and those who are different from us. 

They gave me the most unconditional love. I will forever be thankful for the way my two favourite things shaped my very existence. 


We depend on animals for everything but yet we disrespect them. We bite the hand that feeds up. In fact we have actually destroyed it. Now we are faced with the aftermath of that. We are responsible for the problems in this world. If we don’t make this change then nature will make it for us. If anything animals have more of a right to be here then we do as they do not judge nor do they hate. They survive. We make the fucking selfish choice to eat meat. I hate you all. 

Anyone who has had a dog will understand that they feel and they encounter pain. I will never understand. Why you all eat meat. When it only causes pain. 

Animals used by mankind die from pain. Each and everyone do. 

I don’t know why but lately I find myself wanting something more then I’ve had in a very long time. I need to find some new people and surround myself with them. 

Im still so out of it from the weekend. Its making things hard today. Cant concentrate. 

I suffer from the ability to feel too much. Therefore this leads me to live a life which serves others not myself. But it makes me a happier person. I have so much passion and love for helping those who cannot do so. Even when I go away next year I will not be alone. For within myself I am free. 

But every minute’s a mess when you’re not in it

They asked how I see and I said feelingly. I am sad. 

I wish i didn’t look for reasons to miss you. 

Even though I have made myself a life in Adelaide and live with my bestfriend, sometimes every now and again it hits me how much I miss my parents. Just when I can’t answer their calls as hearing their voice makes me cry. I miss them so much. But I’m here to do them proud. 

No matter what I do with my life I will die unhappy and terribly sad. This is due to knowing that no matter what I do people will never change. Millions of animals die every year. It makes me so angry to even be apart of a world that allows this.